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Heidi Hankaniemi

 Sour Curtain - Everything is Just Wonderful, Thank You For Asking, Perfomance (June 2023) an installation by the textile artist Heidi Hankaniemi, in the West room of the gallery. By incorporating bold language, she confronts the viewer with the unrealistic expectations imposed on women to perform laborious domestic activities with a smile. Sour Curtain is the vessel for a quiet tantrum- all the while keeping up appearances.

Just across the street from a fantastical world of flowers and finance, L’SPACE offers visitors an interaction with art sewn with reality. Heidi will perform exhibitions of her embroidery practice, the performance is titled, Just Sour Thoughts About Life. L’SPACE in collaboration with Heidi Hankaniemi developed this performance work to provide visual context to the labor required to create her intricate work and make visible the invisible processes of women's labor. Performances will take place in the West room of the gallery.

We invite visitors to submit words that express their contention and the animosity arising from conflicting expectations imposed by modernity. Sour word submissions are randomly selected by the artist for embroidery and display in the gallery during the exhibition. There will be an anonymous ballot box in the front of the gallery where people can submit their choices. Don’t hold back on the bad words that make you feel good!

Heidi Hankaniemi received her BA (Hons) Degree in Critical Fine Art Practice and a Foundation Diploma in Fine Arts from Central Saint Martins in London UK. She has a Fine Arts Diploma from Kanneljärven Instituutti in Finland. Hankaniemi's work has been exhibited throughout Europe and in the US, including at The Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. She recently exhibited at Mana Contemporary Art Center for New York Textile Month.


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