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Melissa Dadourian 

Melissa Dadourian’s work exists at the intersection of painting, object-making, and immersive installation. Hudson Valley and Brooklyn-based artist received a BFA from Pratt Institute and an MFA from Hunter College. By utilizing vintage threads, hand-dyed fabrics, paint, and clay, she embraces the tension and contradictions that coexist. What is soft is also firm, what is loose is also tight, and what is masculine is also feminine. Through this exploration, she expands the boundaries of what a painting can be. 

Melissa’s works have been exhibited in New York, Chicago, Connecticut, Texas, Armenia, and Brazil. Recently she has been included in exhibitions at L’SPACE, NY; Gold/Montclair, NJ; Dorsky Museum, NY; MoCA Westport, CT; ACCEA/Yerevan, Armenia; Albany Airport, NY. 

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Big Panties No. 2, 2017, Hand-machine knitted thread and t-pins, 18x22x1

Big Panties No. 9, Hand-machine knitted thread and t-pins, 18x24x1

Big Panties No. 11, Hand-machine knitted thread and t-pins, 18x24x1

BrokenPromise, hand-dyed fabric, vinyl, grommets, wood hanging bar, 90x90x10 inc

Corner Grid, Hand-machine knitted thread, acrylic paint, t-pins, 50x44x2

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