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Stanley Casselman

Stanley Casselman is a New York-based artist whose sumptuously calculated surfaces are motivated by a sense of awe and wonderment in the intangible spiritual elements of our being. The known and speculative forces that create the lattice of our physical reality are what swims in the right side of his brain and the fundamental belief that absolute truth lies only within abstraction occupies the left. Baroque yet highly calculated, his process towards picture making reveals itself through a spectrum of layers strokes, and gestures exploring a range of emotions in an efficacious search for higher consciousness. Casselman is deeply committed to the notion that color, line, and form have the ability to change cognizance.

Stanley Casselman, Frequency (K5III), 2016, acrylic on polyester screen, 74.8x61.81

Stanley Casselman, Frequency (A7IV), 2016, acrylic on polyester screen, 61.81x48.03

Stanley Casselman, Jardin Rouge et Vert (L5R9), 2022, mixed media on silkscreen, 82x82 inc

Stanley Casselman, Untitled (black over white BW21TG), 2021, acrylic on polyester, 108x92/274x234cm 

Untitled (white over blues WB22A8), 2022, acrylic on polyester, 93x80/236x203cm 

Untitled (white over purple WP21R7) 71x100 with Autumn

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