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BORDERLINE: Mapping Narratives

Group show  

Dawn Clements, Hugo Crosthwaite, Sharon Horvath, Sermin Kardestuncer, Darina Karpov, Marik Lechner, Mark Lombardi, Ati Maier, Stacy Mehrfar, Roxy Paine, Bruce Pearson, David Scher, Ward Shelley, John Stoney, Sarah Walker, Charles Yuen, Daniel Zeller, and others.  


February  29th - April 13th


February  29th,  6 - 8 pm

We are pleased to present “Borderline: Mapping Narratives,” a collaborative group exhibition between L’SPACE and PIEROGY Gallery delving into the complexities of our contemporary global landscape, a world characterized by shifting borders, cultural interactions, and social transformations.

Borderline—liminal spaces and states, intermediate positions, frontier lands, zones that are no simple task to navigate or map. Whether that be the terrain of a canvas or paper substrate, of the mind, the natural environment, the socio-political environment, or other parts unknown, these artists are tentatively feeling a way forward, teasing out the contours of the unknown.

Mapping narratives attempt to navigate the context of a literal or abstract image. Including a wide range of narratives: mental, physical, emotional, even spiritual; subjective, and objective, the unifying nature of this exhibition is underlined by the reference to mapping and the overall borderlines that give a sense of six degrees of separation.

BORDERLINE: Mapping Narratives

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